Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Posh Videos

I've created a few videos of our favor I love New York stars that I'd like to share with the readers of CityStreetz. So, Ive posted the video's here with the links to their Youtube pages so you can view Enjoy!

New York- Its a New York Thing

Heat & 12 Pack- Their way or the Highway

Chance & Heat- The Stallionaires

Tango- My Boss & Winner of I Love New York 2

Friday, May 25, 2007

What do Oprah and R.Kelly have in common?

Word on the Citystreetz is that Oprah likes to "keep it on a down low" too. Vernon Winfrey (Oprah's dad) made plans to publish a tell all book about Oprah's childhood. This is similar to the book Kanye's mom plans to publish titled "Raising Kanye," except Oprah wasn't feelin' this idea. Vernon stated that Oprah was a disobedient child and planned to tell all above escapades as a youngin'. Oprah allegedly pay pops some hush money.

Now we all know that Oprah got pregnant at sixteen and had an abortion..... Oh, you aint know? Well Posh just dropped some Gemz on you, but thats old news. I was looking forward to hearing more dirt on Oprah's childhood. To tell you the truth its just a curiosity thing because I happen to respect Oprah. There are so many young girls who go through things in their life just like Oprah did and look... ya girl is stacked up!

Posh Videos

Eve is back on the scene with "Tambourine." I was anticipating another album from Eve but after hearing Tambourine, there's a possibility that Posh wont be coppin that album. I was expecting Eve to come back with that hardcore Ruff Ryder vibe and represent for the ladies. Instead her comeback seems like a poor attempt at doing something prissy and commerical.
Im still tryin to figure out what this "Tambourine" thing is all about. The sound of the tambourine is annoying. I have a feeling that Swiss let Eve hear the beat and then she tried to write a song to accommodate it. Snooze..... but I'll let you all judge. Posh or Poor?

Eve feat.Swiss Beats- Tambourine

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Roca Robbin'

Word on the CityStreetz is that both Jay-z & Dame Dash are being sued for stealing the story for their movie "State Property.". Antonne Jones of Philadelphia claims that he wrote a book called The Family: A Philadelpia Mobb Story. Antonne claims that he met with Dame and Jay-z back in 1998 and offered them the rights to the story for 500,000.
Dame and Jay-z were only offering a mere a 50,000 for the story, which Antonne declined. Antonne saids that he never heard from Jay or Dame again but in 2001 his story was used to create the Rocafella movie "State Property." State property grossed 2.1 million dollars and Antonne is furious.

I cant be mad at ya boy. When you think of all the money Dame and Jay makes there is no reason for why they couldnt give this man 500,000 for his story. There is nothing worst than a person who makes it out of the struggle and then cheats his peoples. This man wasnt askin for a hand out, he was tryin to sell his talent for what he felt it was worth. If Jay and Dame are guilty they need to pay this man his bread.
Remembering Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez

Vh1 recently aired a special documentary called "Last Days of Left Eye." The documentary shows what Lisa went through the last days of her life. There is also a segment where they actually show the car crash as it happened. Although Vh1 cut the video of the crash up to the point of impact, the video is still very chilling. The clip I'am about to show you has received 7 honors for the most viewed and dicussed clip of the week on Youtube. Although it is hard to watch you cant help but to view it more than once. As Lisa drives, she takes one last look into the camera, which sent chills up my spine. Im not sure that I would ever share the last moments of my loved ones life with the world. I definitely give Lisa's family much respect for sharing that moment with her fans.

R.I.P Left Eye... We love you!

Quick Gemz

Lil Wayne has just landed a deal with "Straight Up Brand Liquors." No word on the name of the liquor as yet. the company also plans to launch liquors with Lil Flip, Foxy brown and Dj Clue. Daaamn! Im not seeing why having a liquor is important. If I dont know, somebody put me on.

R.Kelly made this comment which was printed in the Post newspaper a few days ago. "I'm the Ali of today. I'm the Marvin Gaye of today. I'm the Bob Marley of today. I'm the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now."
Word??? I'm sorry but son must be smokin' woolies or something. Im not saying that someone cant change, but he will never get the same respect as those people he named. His record as been permanently tarnished.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Posh Videos

Boot Camp Click is one of my favorite rap groups of all time. The Boot Camp Click was formed back in the early 90's by Buckshot shorty of Blackmoon. All of the members reign out of Brooklyn, New York; the Boot Camp sound is ruff and rugged. Buckshot formed the crew and then established Duckdown Records. The BCC consists of four rap groups which are Blackmoon (Buckshot Shorty & 5 ft), Smif n Wessun (Steele & Tek), Heltah Skeltah (Rock & Ruck aka Sean Price) & OGC which stands for Originoo Gunn Clappaz (Starang, Louieville Sluggah & Top Dog). There are also other affiliates and family members who rep the BCC such as Da Representatives (Supreme & Lidu Rock), Rustee Juxx, Illa Noyz & Young Coke.
Not only have I been a huge fan from day one, the Boot Camp is responsible for giving me my start in the music game when I began promoting on their street team back in the 90's. I then graduated to doing personal asst for Louieville of OGC and many others. The Boot Camp Click represents real hiphop and what it means to stand by your music regardless of what the industry may say. Thats right yall, this aint that bubblegum rap its real hiphop.
BCC 4 Life!!!

Boot Camp Click- Here we come

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson

CityStreetz has uncovered the artwork for 50 Cent's next self-titled album "Curtis." Personally, I believe that the content of the album is more important because I want get my moneys worth. On the other hand, I think eye candy has a lot to do with sales. So, I dont necessarily need an atrractive album cover but I think an attractive cover can spark an interest. After viewing the album cover I must say that I know cats in the hood right now that could have produced better results.

Album Cover: If the album is anything like the album cover I wouldnt bank on 50 selling big numbers. Of course an opinion is like a asshole, everyone has one so I've decide to created a poll on the subject. Holla!!!

Smokin' Bud Bundy

Word on the City Streetz is that David Faustino aka Bud Bundy (Married with children) was arrested in Florida for public drunkenness. Cops spotted "Bud" in the middle of the street having an argument with his wife when they decided to stop and investigate. Realizing that Bud was drunk, police decided to arrested him. After being taken to the police station cops searched "Bud" further and found about a gram of weed in his pocket.

I guess the law is the law but I dont see why they're sweatin him over a little bag of trees. I mean what did they expect? He's BUD Bundy. LOL Damn I crack myself up. Hey, did you ever notice that Married with Children never had a finale episode? Thats because Fox canceled the show at the last minute and then booted the cast. I say thats sad shit because Married with Children was a good show.

Here's a Posh Gemz Tribute to "Bud Bundy & the cast of Married with Children."
Take a look as Al & Bud bond in their own special Bundy way. Funny shit.

Making the Band Beef

Do you all remember the pretty choreographer that helped Danity Kane with dance moves last season? Well her name is Laurie ann Gibson and she has been fired from the show.

Laurie claims that Diddy (Sean Combs of Badboy) fired her after she intervened in an arguement that took place between Diddy and guest judge Michael Bivans (of New Edition) concerning the latest contestants. She also stated that the arguement became so heated that Diddy threatened to hit her with a chair. The incident allegedly took place at the New York Sport Club on April 25. Diddy claims that Laurie is just trying to ride off of his fame.

Now my question is what in the hell is Michael Bivans doing hanging out with Diddy? Do you guys all remember that at one point New Edition was supposed to make a comeback on Diddy's label and then things when sour soon after the first single dropped? What part of the game is this? We all know that Diddy is infamous for living off of the royalties of his artist. Diddy isnt interested in giving an artist a career but only interested in getting an artist to make hit singles and then discarding of them after he's satisfied with the numbers. (Just check the rapsheet)

As for Mrs. Laurie, I think Dmx said it best; next time "Mind yo business lady."
Quick Gemz

The Flavor Flav roast on Comedy Central will air Sunday August 12 at 10:00 pm.

Foxy Brown turned down a plea deal and will be going to trial Sept.24 for her assault on an owner of a beauty supply store. The owner claims that Foxy spit on him and has sumbitted the DNA to prove it. Prosecutors have now ordered Foxy to submit a DNA sample. Not looking good....

L.L. Cool J plans to hit the tube again this fall with his own show called "The Man." This time he will play a tough cop fighting crime. Not sure why they would title it "The Man."

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Love The Flavor of a Roast

.....apparently Comedy Central agrees. Comedy Central has announced that they will roasting Flavor Flav on August 12th. Now Im not sure on which comedians will be roasting Flav, but there is so much material on Flav that I know the roast is gonna have me rolling! Not to mention the fact that Flav has a great sense of humor too so you know he's gonna fire some shots back.

There's no word on the time but make sure you check your listing that week and tune in.
"Flavor Flaaaaaaaaaav!!!"

Monday, May 21, 2007

Posh Videos

I thought Id post a live performance of Kanye's "I heard'em say" and stumbled upon a double performance. After Adam Levine performs with Kanye he then perform with his Rock group Maroon 5. I thought this would be really cool to share being that I featured the video for "Heard'em Say" in my first Posh Videos post.


Kanye West feat. Adam Levine- Heard'em Say & Maroon 5- Hard To Breathe

It's The M.E.T.H.O.D Damn!

Word on the CityStreetz is that Method Man was arrested last Thursday May 17, 2007 when police found 30 grams of weed after pulling him over near Battery Tunnel. Method Man was pulled over after a police officer noticed the expired tags on Meth's Lincoln Navigator. As Meth rolled down his windows the officer could smell weed. The officer also noticed several blunts along with bags of weed inside of the vehicle. When the police officer question Mr. Meth further, he also admitted to having a stash of weed under the driver's seat. Meth was then arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, operating a motor vehicle under the influence, and driving an non-inspected vehicle. He was released early Friday morning.

I dont know about you, but I dont know anyone who would just have weed laying around in their car. Meth I aint mad at ya, just keep it on a low next time.
Charm School

Word on the CityStreetz is that Vh1 will be airing a sequel to the Flavor of Love's Charms School. How so, you may be wondering. Well Vh1 plans to have the males contestants from I love New York compete for a chance at 50,000. The spinoffs never end. Wouldnt it be some shit if Flava Flav conducted the new Charm School?

Personally I hope Leilene takes home that 50,000 dollars. I think Leilene made a huge impression on viewers and the judges when she parted with her deceased mothers rings to give to charity.

On the other hand I cant wait for Bootz to take her trouble-making ass home. Word on the CityStreetz is that Buckey will expose the truth about Leilenes picture next episode.
I know some of you are lost, so hit up Vh1 for more info on the show.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Posh Videos
I decided to hit you guys with some of my favorite/interesting videos at random. I sometimes have a weird but great taste in music so Im going to share the wealth.
You guys will view/hear just about everything from rap to jazz. I will also share video those interesting, entertaining or offensive in my opinion.

So let the sharing begin!
Hear is my first Posh Video.

Kanye West feat. Adam Levine- I heard'em say

This song is the best song from Kanye West in my opinion. The subject matter may not come across to all in the same way because the song has no main focal point. Kanye's abstract lyrics are accompanied by a heavy but simple bassline along with a melodic piano, which makes it seem as if he is talking you on a journey through one of his daydreams about life. Adam Levine from the Rock group Maroon 5 sings the chorus which sounds nothing like him in my opinion. He actually sounds like an old rhythm and blues sample, but it works so well with what Kanye is going for on this track. The song alone is a winner but the video is like icing on the cake. The black and white cartoon skits & shots of Kanye & Adam add a vintage touch that works well.
This song always sparks thoughts that take me to very far away place. Even if the lyrical content fails to spark a thought in your mind the vibe alone is therapeutic.